Stud Riley

Neron Atenher de La Horde du Loup Gascon

Riley is officially registered with the LSOHV as stud dog.

Name: Neron Atenher de La Horde du Loup Gascon
Breed: Old German Shepherd
Color: Black / Brown
Pedigree: Yes
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 11-November-2017
Country of birth: France
Birth place: Pompley
Height at the withers: 59.5
ED- free
DM- free
Dwarf growth-free

Riley is a medium-sized male that walks and moves with a lot of power.
Riley has a good head and a lot of expression.

He is a very good compact built dog.
He has now fully grown into a very nice male with great proportions.

He has a beautiful thick black fur with a beautiful brown mark

A dog that presents itself excellently at shows and has developed very well.

Riley has passed all tests of HD / ED / DM / Dwarf growth free and his DNA has been recorded.

Family tree

Riley is approved by the LSOHV for breeding and for healthy and unrelated females is Riley available as stud.

If you want more information, please contact us.