Since January 11, 2020 we are the proud owners of Hudson. A wonderfully playful, smart, sweet, beautiful puppy.

For a long time we had a wish to prepare our pack by adding another dog, but then we would like it in the color silver.

This was a long search and an uncertain way to see if we could have a silver dog at our disposal.

My wish was also to make a stud dog like my other males in the future.

It was a road full of happy moments. The nest of Nicky (the mother) luckily had males.

Then we had to wait and see if they would turn silver in the course of a few weeks, and if the male would get two testicles in the last week. And we have been so lucky. Everything was over and over, heartily healthy, a beautiful appearance and beautifully built and with thick legs that I personally love.

How happy we were to be able to include you in the family.

This was certainly worth the wait and my thanks also to the breeder Van Dorpzicht.

May I proudly present to you:

Ranger Hudson van Dorpzicht (born 20-11-2019)

I was born on 11/20/2019 in the Netherlands in Daarle.

I am a son of Je suis Nicky de la Legende du Loup Noir X Lancelot vom Schattenwolf


Hudson is a fantastic healthy smart puppy, he is nice and naughty, but very smart.

Hudson already stands tall against our other 2 males and likes to play with him, as far as the little guy can.

He loves water and likes to pick grass in the garden.

In short, a wonderfully cozy sweet teddy bear and you will experience his development step by step here on his page.