May I introduce myself.

I am Hunter Dodge from Dorpzicht.

I was born on 24-12-2015
I am a son of Charu Joy von Camelot X Cooper of El Dorado.

Cooper von El Dorado

Charu-Joy von Camelot

Dodge is a very sweet dog and likes to be surrounded by humans and animals, and to other dogs he responds socially. He has the need to get acquainted with people out of curiosity.
He is an impressive big male, but Dodge is absolutely no dominant male.
He also regularly participates in club matches (shows) where he has achieved good results.
I also train with him every week and he is an enthusiastic hard worker and his favorite part is retrieving.

Dodge is sensitive to correction but also occasionally a nice rascal and he loves to swim and romp with his little friend Riley.

I love this dog, he really stole my heart.