Stud Dodge

Hunter Dodge van Dorpzicht

Dodge is officially registered with the LSOHV as a stud.

Name: Hunter Dodge van Dorpzicht
Breed: Old German Shepherd Long coat.
Color: Wolf gray
Pedigree: Yes
Gender: male
Date of birth: 24-December-2015
Country of birth: the Netherlands
Place of birth: Daarle
Height: 64.5 cm
Dwarf growth-free

Son of: Joy von Camelot X Cooper von Eldorado

Dodge has gone through all tests of HD / ED / DM and his DNA has been registered.

Dodge is approved by the LSOHV for breeding and for healthy and unrelated females Dodge is available as stud.

Course: Puppycourse : successful passed
Sociale House Dog : successful passed
GGB : successful passed
GG1: successful passed

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